Ziraat History

The foundation stone of the ZiraatBank BH d.d. was laid in 1863 as the first agricultural financial institution in the Ottoman Empire. After the establishment of Turkish Republic, it was restructured and transformed into an autonomous state economic enterprise supporting the agricultural sector and operating with state guarantee. In 1973, due to internal reorganizations, the Bank became a commercial bank, independent in its banking activities.

Today, with the structure and status of a joint-stock company, T.C. Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. is the most experienced and organized bank in Turkey. It is the biggest national bank of the Republic of Turkey, with 8 foreign subsidiary banks, 5 foreign and 24 regional centers, 3 corporate branches, 1 representative office abroad, 1136 domestic branches and over 22 thousand employees. Apart from the Ziraat Bank, the Ziraat network is made of insurance, leasing, investment and security funds, etc.

During its 145 year long and successful work and existence, with a wide network of subsidiaries and branches around the world, the TCZB preserved its position as a firm member of the top banks, and as such it provides its clients the possibility to operate in all relevant financial centers around the world.