Short-Term Loans

Short-term loan repayment period is up to 12 months. This type of loans enables legal entities to overcome the gap between cash inflow and outflow, to maintain the continuity of the business process and current liquidity.

Bearing in mind the purpose, the manner in which the funds are spent and repaid, we offer the following:

  • Revolving short-term loans
  • Annuity short-term loans
  • Overdraft loans – overstepping the transaction account
  • Short-term loans for other purposes

As a part of its offer, the Bank created a wide range of loan products, bearing in mind the experience and needs of legal entities. Those are for example the following loans:

  • Overcoming liquidity problems
  • Procurement of equipment and raw materials
  • Financing of production
  • Financing of fixed asset procurement
  • Car loans
  • Investment loans for expansion and modernization of production capacities

Documents required when applying for a loan:

  • tatus documentation
  • Loan request
  • Financial statements (for the last three accounting periods)
  • Security instruments – collateral
  • Investment project, in case of investment loans
  • Additional documents, if required by the Bank

Security instruments are as follows:

  • Cash deposits
  • Other bank’s warranty
  • Mortgage
  • Pledge over movable property
  • Bills
  • Several of the aforementioned collaterals

Conditions for loan approval, amount of the loan, interest rates and fees, loan repayment period, collateral elements and other conditions, for all types of short-term and long-term financing, are to be defined by competent Bank authorities, in accordance with the conducted financial analysis and credit rating, accomplished turnover per transaction account, security instruments, credit history and experience with a customer.