International Money Transfer

ZiraatBank BH dd through the wide network of correspondent banks, including the world’s biggest financial institutions such as the Deutsche Bank AG,Commerzbank AG, KBC Bank, TC Ziraat Bankasi A.S., can realize a simple, reliable and fast transactions to and from a foreign country. Our employees are at your service, which can provide you with more details as to how to carry out domestic and foreign transactions.

Please note that you can make or follow your payments via Internet as well.

NOTE! It is imperative that you deliver your IBAN account number in ZiraatBank BH dd to your business partner for the purpose of making foreign payment transactions.

Western Union payments

Millions have entrusted the Western Union network with their money to send it to their families and friends around the world.

Western Union provides secure and fast sending of money. With more than 170,000 agents the Western Union is the world largest money transfer network. Send or receive your money within just a few minutes, which is the time needed for a transaction to be made.