Refinance Loans

Short term or long term loans for purchasing vehicles.

  • Short term or long term loans with the purpose of consolidating and closing existing loans.
  • Available to all retail customers with regulart monthly salaries.
  • Amount: Based on the clients monthy salary and monthy rate cannot pass 50% of the clients salary if under 1000KM, and 66% if the clients' salary is over 1000KM.
  • Payout options: payable to other bank with purpose to close existing loans with a possibility of a 30% cash payout (max 40,000KM)
  • Maturity: 240 months availble for refinancing mortgage loans, for all others 180 months.

Loan securities:

  • Mortgage on real estate
  • Guarantor
  • Cash deposit
  • Plege on movable property
  • Corporate guarantor

Informational Sheet

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