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You need money to buy an apartment?

Housing loans with FIXED INTEREST RATE during the entire repayment period!

Purpose – short-term or long-term purpose loans, the purpose of which is to finance a purchase of a housing unit; granted to all natural persons with regular monthly income.

Loan payment - is made in such a way as to pay the loan funds in the account of real estate seller, based on the bill of sale, with the possibility of cash payment of up to 30%.

Loan amount – is determined by the size of monthly income in such a way as to apply a criterion where monthly annuity of loan applicant cannot exceed one half of regular monthly income if such income does not exceed the amount of BAM 1,000.00, or two thirds of regular monthly income if such income exceeds the amount of BAM 1,000.00.

Maximum repayment period – up to 20 years

Interest rate*

  • From 5.00% (fixed)               (EIR 5.71%)**

Fees (single payment)

  • loan processing 1.00% for loans up to 120 months
  • loan processing 0,50% for loans from 121-240 months
  • loan account maintenance BAM 50.00 fixed

Collateral – purchased real estate, along with mandatory insurance policy for purchased real estate endorsed in favor of the Bank for the entire time of loan repayment, as well as other collaterals.

Note * Interest rate depends on repayment period, firm which employs the client and also business relation with the firm which employs the client.

** Effective interest rate (EIR) is calculated on the amount of loan of BAM 60,000, 10-year repayment period, with interest rate of 5.29%, loan processing fee of 1.00% and loan account maintenance fee which is BAM 50.00.


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