ZiraatBank BH in cooperation with Bahceci IVF Center is offering you loans under following conditions:

Purpose – short-term or long-term purpose loans, the purpose of which is to finance in vitro fertilization, granted to all natural persons with regular monthly income.

Loan payment - is made in such a way as to pay the loan funds in the account of service provider (IVF), based on estimate/pro forma invoice/invoice issued by Bahceci BiH IVF Center.

Loan amount – Up to BAM 10,000

Maximum repayment period– up to 3 years

Interest rate

  •  0.00% (EIR 3.41%)*

Fees (single payment) 

  • Loan processing fees
  •  up to 1 year 2.50%
  •  up to 2 years 3.50%
  •  up to 3 years 5.00%
  •  No fee for loan account maintenance

Collateral– loan beneficiary’s bills of exchange, co-debtor (if necessary)

  BAM 3,000 BAM 5,000 BAM 10,000
12 months BAM 250 BAM 416 BAM 833
24 months BAM 125 BAM 208 BAM 417
36 months BAM 83 BAM 139 BAM 278

The annuities are rounded-off and are for infromation purposes only. For a precise calculation and additional information, contact the nearest branch office of ZiraatBank BH.


* Effective interest rate (EIR) is calculated on the maximum amount of BAM 10.000 and maximum repayment period of 3 years with a processing fee of 5.00%.

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